Expository Essay on Child Abuse

Example of essay on child abuse. This is an expository essay that talks about the different abuses children suffer and their possible consequences.

Title of the essay: Child abuse as a multidimensional phenomenon

Type of essay: Expository essay

Length: 459 words

Topic: Child Abuse

Despite the great advances that we have experienced in the field of human rights, in today’s society, there are still innumerable cases of child abuse. This reality is quite unfortunate, and is part of all countries, regardless of their level of development, cultural or social. The child is a helpless being that is at the mercy of adults. He is innocent and ignores the world, and is exposed to all kinds of situations that threaten his physical and mental health.

Abuse is multidimensional, and for this reason, it can be somewhat complicated to establish a definition of its scope and consequences. Although in recent years it has been studied with greater emphasis, even now many variables about its triggers are unknown. In general terms, it includes all those non-accidental injuries that negatively affect the body or mind of the infant. The actions carried out by his perpetrators undermine the normal development of the child, affecting him physically, psychologically and emotionally.

It is worth mentioning that although the majority of cases occur within the family environment, their presence is also frequent in study centers or in other places where the child is supposed to be safe. This reveals the importance of knowing in-depth the people who will come into contact with the little ones, especially when dealing with situations where it is difficult to keep track of everything that happens.

Child abuse does not only involve violence, as it may be abandonment caused by the negligence of parents or guardians. Here are children who are not able to meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing, health and safety. Likewise, the impediment to education has proven to be one of the most serious problems and may lead to labor exploitation. In this way, they are forced to work in the streets without the possibility of receiving the necessary teaching for their development.

People who incur these abuses have usually been victims of them in their childhood, creating a cycle that apparently has no end. However, it is also possible that parents or guardians have a low level of schooling, limiting their economic possibilities and expressing their frustrations in children. In the worst case, the abuse will have an origin in pathologies or mental disorders, and will even be linked to the consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances.

All this makes it necessary to carry out awareness campaigns on the subject, as well as efficient programs to protect the little ones. Each government is obliged to create helplines and institutions that can prevent child abuse because if it is not stopped in time, it is very possible that fatal outcomes occur.

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