Essay on Nursing Profession

Nursing is a Profession and not just simply a mixture of special skills. Nursing profession is the perfect blend of today’s health care industry with a touch of traditional past. It is a noble profession and the greatest service to humanity. It is focused on the care of every individual patient so they can maintain and recover their health and quality of life. It has been greatly stated:

“Nursing is the noblest of all professions as it is based on motherly care and sisterly affection.”

Men and women both work as a nurse but when a woman becomes a nurse, she acts selflessly and tries to provide them with utter happiness and the comfort of their homes. She can be as kind as a mother and as loving as a sister. She is always smiling, is consistently kind and loving to the patients, is always soft spoken to her patients and worries about their health. She works day and night to serve and take care of the patients’ needs yet she doesn’t get the acknowledgment she deserves for her hard work.

A nurse is a connection between the doctor and the patient, she follows the instructions from the doctor for every particular patient. She checks their pulses, observes their temperatures and give them medicines or injections instructed by the doctor. Nurses consistently checks for the doctor’s orders in case she causes any negligence towards the patients’ health. She takes care of the food if it is given to every individual patient in accordance to the doctor’s instructions or the patients’ health. She is extremely punctual and active, she provides the medicines to the patients on a fixed time and may have to be awake the whole night looking after her patients.

Nurses always asks the patients information before treating them so as to make sure they are treating the right patient, they monitor the patient constantly for any signs that may prove the abnormalities in the patient’s condition and immediately reports to the doctor. The nurse always ensures the patients safety in any circumstances which elevates the patients trust as they believe that it is nurses’ responsibility to ensure their health care and quality of life. Nurses are also greatly utilized in wars as they provide the first aid to the wounded soldiers.

Not all nurses are always truthful to their job as there once was a woman who used to swap the infants with each other just after their birth for her own selfish enjoyment. She did this for her whole nursing experience until she was retiring and shared her crime to one of her fellow nurses who was still in practice, as the fellow nurse was honest and truthful to her job she later exposed her to the world.

Nursing profession is a strong commitment to the nurses. With their nursing training and responsibilities nurses play the key role in making the organization a comfortable place for the patients. Nursing profession has seen a huge improvement through out the year yet the nurses are still not as much acknowledged as the doctors, they still work with minimum wages.

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