Essay on Car

Cars are used for the means of transport, we can travel a long distance in a short amount of time if traveled by a car compared to traveling on feet. It was first invented in 1769 by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in France but the vehicle he invented was a three wheeled automobile which was quite heavy and had very slow speed and it worked only with steam.

Later In 1876, the cars that worked with gasoline was invented by Nikolaus Otto in Germany which was more reliable and useful compared to using steam that required the water to boil first to work. Now, the cars are invented that works on electric power as well as gasoline which is quite an impressive innovation if I must say.

This invention has made everyone’s life much easier, people can travel every where in a short amount of time with comfortable seats, AC and many more features the cars provide these days overall with a comfortable atmosphere is provided by cars. In old times, people used to travel on animals or by feet which took them days or weeks to reach their destination.

Speed has become very important to the people in our century, every one is running after their goals and try nit to waste their time on anything, which is why cars are becoming more useful for them and the reason for that is that cars help people achieve their goals by making them reach their destination early without wasting any of their precious time.

As cars can be expensive, banks now help people get cars with installments so that even middle-class families can afford a car and enjoy the comfortableness that comes with it.

Cars has benefitted us in more ways than one as you see it does not make us dependent on anyone in case of any emergency. We can reach our destination easily instead of waiting for the bus or any other way. They are also useful to go on long drives with your friends, family or alone to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere or explore new places.

There is a big disadvantage of cars too, the reason for that is that the cars create a lot of pollution to our environment which effects our world globally and ozone layer and caused global warming. Another is that because people are so comfortable in their cars they use cell phones while driving which may cause sever accidents, it can not only harm you but people around you too.

To overcome these disadvantages, we can not just stop using cars altogether but what we can do is that we stop using cell phone or anything that may distract the you while driving to keep you and others safe. And also, to minimize the pollution that the car creates, there are company’s who are launching the cars that work on electric power which does not emit any harmful gasses that may cause any danger to our environment.

Now, what people needs to do is that they start buying the electric power cars instead of gasoline cars as a contribution to our environment.

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