Argumentative Essay on Technology

This is a short essay on a very current topic: technology and how it influences our daily life in society and especially for young people.

Title of the essay: “Mobile technologies and their effect on young people”.

Type of essay: Argumentative essay

Length: 453 words

Topic: Technology

Today, you can see on the street as most people do not separate the look of their mobile devices. Smartphones have become an essential part of society, helping us to carry out routine tasks through a wide variety of available applications. They are a powerful tool for work and studies, thanks to which they can connect to the Internet from anywhere. However, it is necessary to analyze how its constant use is affecting young people.

Technological advances are the result of the constant search to facilitate the life of man. They are present in different areas. From medicine, with the development of innovative chips installed under the skin will be able to store several doses of a particular drug. Until the creation of weapons for war confrontations. Then, we realize that technology can be used in different ways, only depending on how people use it.

In the case of mobile devices, this also applies. Each year, new terminals are launched that offer innovative features that dazzle users, such as professional-level cameras or processors capable of recreating the captured environment in three dimensions. Functions certainly interesting, but not always appreciated by most young people, who only use their equipment for leisure purposes.

The current youth has become accustomed to the immediacy of information, leaving aside the acquisition of knowledge in the medium and long term, as they assume that as everything is at hand, it is not necessary to delve into any topic of academic or artistic relevance. Also, they are more aware of viral trends that appear on pages like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

On the other hand, many times prefer to build relationships in social networks instead of doing it in real life. This seriously affects their ability to socialize. In addition, if you carefully observe the way you communicate using messages or chats, whether on those same platforms or in applications such as WhatsApp, you will find an alarming reality. They destroy the language and opt for the use of barbarisms or images called “emoticons”.

Like all technology, the one that is implemented in smartphones and tablets is of great help for everyday life, but it depends on each individual how it will be used and how it will affect it. In the case of young people, this is extremely important. They have to understand that they have in their hands a tool of incalculable potential, through which they can constantly learn and acquire knowledge, but without neglecting reality or interpersonal relationships. They must also prevent their communication capacity from being diminished by the repeated use of inappropriate language.

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