Essay on Marriages

Marriage is a commitment between two individuals, a legal joining of a man and a woman as spouses. When we talk about marriage we think of a long-term relationship that clearly involves love, friendship, support of your other half and of course patience. Marriage is a traditional form of love, it unites two individuals, their families and their cultures together.

It is a blessed action that one might take, before going for marriage one must ask themselves that are they really prepared for this huge commitment? for the reason being that it involves the life of two people who love each-other and want to live the rest of their life supporting and tolerating each-other through tough and blissful situation.

With marriage comes responsibilities and everyone must be aware of what comes next after marriage, it is not always happy and fun that only happens in movies, in real life you have to deal with whole lot of problems which can be really difficult for some people as every person cope with problems differently.

The circle of marriage is when a man and a woman decide to spend their lives together, start a family, raise their children together although not all marriages are successful some people cannot take this huge responsibility and end up breaking up with that person that once wanted to spend their rest of their lives together.

Every person is like a foundation and you cannot create a building on a weak foundation it will not last long the same thing is with humans if you are not strong enough or mature enough then you should not be with someone as it will affect that other person as well, your existence in their life will also make them weak and bring them down with you.

If a person wants to make his / her marriage work then they must make some compromises for each-other when necessary, do not make their life living hell, support them in every aspect of their life, love them and the most important factor is trust them because without trust all of those compromises and efforts that you are providing will not be able to save your marriage as the only basic thing like trust is missing in your commitment.

Some men think that after marriage they get some kind of a power over their wives and it is a must for their wives to respect them, pamper them, and fulfill all their needs and requirements which is not acceptable, they do not deserve something like this. They did not get married to babysit their husbands and by saying this it does not mean that women should not respect or fulfill their husband needs but the point is that husbands should also do the same for their wives, it is only fair then.

In conclusion, for a blissful marriage both individuals need to make efforts and if one is not ready or has too much pride to do so then he / she should not get married in the first place, not every marriage life is perfect but you can try to spend that time living the best of that time.

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