Argumentative Essay on Human Rights

Sample essay on human rights. An argumentative essay that informs about the breach of human rights and the strong presence of social inequality that exists in many Latin American countries.

Title of the essay: “The breach of human rights in Latin America”

Type of essay: Argumentative essay

Length: 466 words

Topic: Human rights

When human rights are transgressed, cases of discrimination, insecurity, violence appear, among others. Although this type of abuse has always been present in the history of man, it is alarming that in the present times they continue to occur. In Latin America, this is a very serious problem and should be analyzed to carry out the necessary measures. For it is shameful to live in a country where the rights of a person can be trampled so easily.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved more than sixty years ago, its objective was to establish a list of freedoms and faculties that all people possess, without exception. Likewise, the horrors that were part of World War II are among the causes that motivated the nations for the creation of this document. However, taking into account what was mentioned at the beginning, it is possible to reflect on the effectiveness of these rights, since they are clearly denied and belittled by different organizations.

In Latin America, as well as in other parts of the world, news about police or military forces acting aside human rights, both criminals and innocent people. Many times, this is a product of their poor ability to deal with mafias or criminal groups of different kinds. There are cases of torture, disappearances and even executions. All this is done by agents of the State, whose actions usually remain in impunity.

Either individually or collectively, there is a considerable number of people who have seen their rights violated in a systematic way. There is no equity, equality or inclusion. And the absence of these values ​​ends up generating a vicious circle characterized by structural violence. So, human rights challenges are gigantic. The goal of every country should be to maintain sustainable development that goes hand in hand with justice.

In several countries in South America, there is a strong presence of social inequality, elitist access to education and precariousness in public health. In Peru, for example, there are cases of innocent people who remain incarcerated indefinitely, blamed for alleged subversive activities. This is a reflection of inefficient, corrupt governments that prefer economic growth rather than solving these kinds of problems.

The fulfillment of human rights in Latin America needs the collaboration of all people. Each one must put on his part making public the abuses he has suffered, through the internet or other media. Well, not only is it enough to talk about it, but actions must be carried out to create social consciousness. Solidarity and respect for life will allow humanity to cooperate with each other to protect the ethical values ​​of a world where injustices do not exist.

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