Essay on Stereotypes

Stereotypes are the biggest problem in our society. They criticize people and puts label on them about how they must act accordingly to their religion, personality, gender, dressing sense, race and many others. People encounter stereotypes at least once in their life, it depends on a person’s perspective as sometimes people end up stereotyping other people unconsciously. Stereotyping is not always negative, sometime there is a positive perspective to it, for example, Black people are stereotyped in a positive perspective as they are super athletic with beautiful features and great body structures.

Stereotyping is so common these days that people do it without even knowing it, people always have ideas about how a particular race is in certain ways. Black people are stereotyped as great athletes, Pakistani people as terrorists and Hispanics as drug dealers, crazy or loud. We also see stereotyping in schools through gender, either that girls are good at reading and writing and boys are good at sports or boys do not end up as nurses but girls do. Students stick to these stereotyping, even if someone tries to be different he/she ends up getting bullied by their fellows.

The most common stereotype to this day is that women can never be as strong as men or can never be equal to them. These stereotypes affect every person immensely. People should never judge a person based on what they think that person should act like or be like rather they should encourage people or motivate them to be what they want to be, women can also be good at sports, they can also be stronger than men, and they can be good drivers too. Stereotyping can do some serious damage to a person’s self-esteem and that may affect their social lives, emotions, interaction with people and dreams.

People get so criticized for everything they do, that they do not want to meet new people, or want to go outside that they may get criticized for the way they walk, dress or talk. People even gets criticized for their music taste, this is what our society has become. People are afraid to show their true selves to the world now, worrying that they won’t be accepted for who they really are and tries to act as other people want them to be.

They should just leave these types of people behind and be what they want themselves to be. There once was a black boy who was criticized everyday for his color, this should have created some psychological pressure on a kid but he was so proud of his color and race that he never let them get to him, therefore, people should be proud of who they are, ignore what people think of them and be unique in their own way.

Instead of focusing on other people’s faults and mistakes, we should motivate them for being unique from other people. Remove the stereotypes from our lives and start to notice good things about every individual person.

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