Essay on Animals

Animals are the most precious living beings that God has given us. They have occupied this earth as long as humans have. There are different species in animals, firstly there are mammals which includes lion, cow, bears, etc., second there are reptiles which lay eggs and they are lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles, third there are amphibians that have thin skin through which they breath, they reside within land and water and they include toads, frogs, salamanders, etc. fourth we have birds and lastly insects which are really small.

Formerly animals such as horses, donkeys and camels were used for the transportation purpose, dogs for protection and some other animals as their companions also known as pets, dogs have been great companions and help to handicaps and old people.

Animals are the creatures of God and has been made to help human’s environment. They provide humans with food and soil with nutrition’s, they are main source to provide us with meat, dairy and poultry. Moreover, some animals are made to help control the animal population for example, the tiger who is considered as the king of the jungle.

People are cutting down the trees from the forests to expand the buildings and factories making animals lose their home and making them extinct. There are people who cages them and keeps them away from their families making them feel depressed and lonely which affects their well-being. Water species are also being harmed by water pollution and industrial wastes that endangers the life of water animals.

Hunters also tortures the animals and then kills them for the fashion products such as fur and leather. Furthermore, animals are also used as drug or product testing in research laboratories. Animal lives are sacrificed to protect the humans from any future drugs that may be harmful for them. Animals are also used in circuses and are trained to show different tricks to entertain themselves and earn money from them which is pure animal cruelty.

Earth not only belongs to the humans, animals have as much right to live on this land as humans. Therefore, we need to protect the animals from this world’s cruelty. Organizations of PETA and WWF spread awareness and work to protect the animals. Animals are also kept as detection dogs in police forces which is considered as an honor to the animals. Animals are used for joyous rides from horses, camels and elephants by children.  On the 3rd of march every year, people celebrate the World Wildlife Day to spread the awareness that the animals are in danger and needs to be protected.

Animals are more reliable friends than human can ever be, dogs, cats or monkeys will never betray us as they are loyal and faithful to their companions. Animals play a very important role in our lives, humans and earth needs the animals more than animals need humans, human race depends on animals lives otherwise they cannot survive. Thus, it is our duty to protect the animals from any type of cruelty.

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