Essay on Love

This is an example of an essay on love. The same is an argumentative essay that tells how each person lives love differently and demonstrates it in different ways.

Essay title: “What is love for each person?”

Type of essay: Argumentative essay

Length: 517 words

Topic: Love

To understand a feeling you have to live it. In the case of love, many define it as a state of intoxication, where everything acquires meaning and not at the same time. However, it is difficult to try to understand it by general rules or to use arguments that arise from concepts that appear in dictionaries. This is because the experience that involves love is purely personal and subjective. So, is it possible to define love for each person?

It would be very complicated to identify a unique love. If we limit ourselves to the relationships between human beings, it is a feeling that is born towards the family, the friends and people with whom a passionate contact is established or plans are conceived for the future. For this essay we will limit ourselves to the love of a couple, that born between two people and that has been portrayed in different media.

Writers of all times have used love as a central theme for their works. Having been developed in both prose and verse. There are stories of idyllic romances or those that transcend space and time, but there are also all kinds of poems that are characterized by their timelessness. Precisely these last ones are the most frequented by the lovers because they find in their words consolation and they recognize themselves in their delusions.

I could quote Pablo Neruda or Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer to approximate a conventional definition of love. It is even worth mentioning Edgar Allan Poe, with his most fatalistic and somber vision of this feeling. However, it is the ideas expressed by Charles Bukowski in an interview, which seem most appropriate:

“Love is similar to when you see a fog in the morning, when you wake up before the sun comes up. It is only a small moment, and then it disappears … Love is a mist that burns with the first light of the day of reality. “

These words seem extremely valuable to understand one of the few general characteristics of love. Each person who has experienced it must have realized that at first when it is a feverish feeling that inflames the mind and the body, love comes into conflict with reality. So, you can understand that love is a way of getting away from everyday problems or appease uncertainty for tomorrow.

Likewise, love moves away from logic. Obviously, leaving aside scientific criteria that raise their origin in certain chemicals that the brain produces, or psychological analyzes that seek to dissect and explain why in society. It is a feeling that is based on faith. It is based on trust, and each person is guided by sensations that he perceives as beautiful but incomprehensible.

Finally, it only remains to say that the definition of love for each person can vary depending on many aspects. In the case of relationships, it is a feeling that helps us to support reality and make it more bearable. In addition, it lacks logic and is based on a blind trust that is deposited in another individual.

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