Essay on Media

Media nowadays have become very important to the world, it is an important factor when a message needs to be delivered all over the country and is considered to be an important pillar of society. Just like everything it also has some great positive impacts on the society as well as some negative impacts.

People that works in this field sacrifice their lives in a manner as they risk their life by going to some incident places where there is a danger towards their life but they still go and deliver the people with all the information be it earth quakes, floods and protests.

We can see the example of that if we look at the recent incident of Palestine, media was there to cover all the information by putting their life at risk, as we all know no one would want to go there just by looking at all the massacre but media went their and shared with us all the information that we got.

Media gives people especially women some leverage that they can learn how to cook through various channels that the media provides us with. Women get important health tips from some of the channels and even when it comes to education we can learn it through media.

Media has grown so much and holds so much power that it can even criticize the government and what they do right or wrong. They cover all the political topics on some news channels and shows us about all that the government does.

Media has been playing an important role in strengthening the society by even exposing some famous corrupt people on the media and never cares about the consequences that they may face later. Media spreads awareness, happiness and promotes the traditions and cultures of a country.

The power, role, advantages, disadvantages and importance of media can never be denied because we live in a society where all the information is needed for the people to take right decisions. Media is the most powerful these days and it has the power to change people’s perspective about some issues.

Today everyone’s life revolves around media. Every individual has a television in their homes, every morning people watch news channels to get the information about what is happening in the world while having breakfast and some people read newspapers.

Media provide us with many types of information such as health industry, politics, science, weather, geography, entertainment and fashion. Politics and entertainment are shown mostly on the televisions so they have the most focus of media.

Media consists of two types, first is print media and the other is electronic media. Newspapers, books and magazines comes under the print media whereas television and radio come under electronic media.

Media keeps us up to date about everything that has been happening in the world, without it we may have been left far behind in this race we call life but media should also think about people before exaggerating some issues just to gain more audience.

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