Essay on Faith

Faith is hope, faith is believing, faith is you know it is going to happen you just do not know when and how it is going to happen. One should always believe and trust in themselves and hold onto faith in their challenging period because that is exactly the point of faith, “it works”. Faith is aspiration that an individual has, that decides how the individual chooses to lead his life.

Faith gives power and strength to accept the failures of life to the individual, it gives them motivation and eagerness to achieve the goals of life and it comes from within the individual it cannot be taught or forced on anyone. When one’s faith is low or lost then he must be prepared for, as the failure is approaching.

Faith works as the base of any task / operation and if one is lacking the base which is faith, does not matter what skills or capabilities an individual has he cannot achieve its task / goals. Of course, having faith does not mean that your tasks or your life is going to be easy but by having faith you get strength to face those difficulties and hardship that may come in your way.

Lack of faith will lead to hopelessness which can affect the individual of how he sees himself and others. Hopelessness usually make a person negative he no longer feel the importance of things which once was precious to him, it is a powerful emotion that can influence an individual in suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, eating disorder it all leads to poor mental and physical health of the individual.

Faith does not need to be religious or non-religious it just makes your struggles, difficult times easy for the individual by giving them hope, people have faith in themselves, in others, in the God, does not matter who do you have faith in, the only thing that matters is that you believe something or someone.

If you have faith in yourself then you will follow your dreams and make them real, if you believe in yourself then you will also have faith in others that way others will also believe in you and if you have faith in God then you will also have faith in his timing, he will make you calm, make you believe that he is with you all the time, he takes control of all your struggles and worries and tells you to stop stressing yourself out and trust him.

With a little courage, hard work and faith by your side you can make the unachievable possible. Faith keeps your heart alive, it clears out the sadness, hopelessness and darkness away from you and bring happiness, hopefulness, calmness and satisfaction.

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, we all have faith in something or someone there are all sorts of faith and you must choose whatever makes your heart at ease.

“Faith demands you to believe in something you cannot see. You choose!”

-Bob proctor

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