How to Write a Friendship Letter

Learn what a friendship letter is and how you should write it.

The best way to know how to write a friendship letter is to see some examples of how others do it.

Comparing what we want to say, with what others have expressed, we can imagine the best ways to effectively communicate our thoughts, intentions, and emotions.

Here are two interesting examples of friendship letters.

Friendship Letter – Example No. 1

Dear friend:

In honor of the years that we know each other, I am writing this letter of friendship to let you know the good feelings that I have within my heart.

You knew every day to gain my trust, to become a companion of sorrows, a buddy of joy.

In a world of indifference and envy, we managed together to build a perfect world, a sacred oasis in which we could be ourselves and rest in trust and understanding.

Despite the turbulence, we defend our place with fortitude. We do not give in to commitments, lack of time, work. We could always find a time to join together to share and share our experiences. And that is important, very important.

When I look around and see how difficult life is, how steep the slope is, I smile inside thinking “I am not alone, I have a great friend to lean on”.

The truth is that there are certain life paths that I could not have traveled alone. I had moments of frank despair when your saving hand arrived just in time, or when your words of encouragement served to keep it from falling.

Today, looking back, I marvel at those experiences, I almost cry with nostalgia and admiration for your strength and dedication. I don’t know how many people can say this about someone else, hopefully many, but what I really feel is that there aren’t too many people like you on this planet and I thank God for putting you in my way.

If there is something divine in human beings, it is the ability to take pity, to help, to raise the fallen.

It is the most wonderful thing on earth. The most wonderful thing for those who practice friendship as much as for those who receive it.

In my case it made me realize that I was not alone in the world, which is perhaps one of the greatest feelings of desolation that may exist.

Not feeling alone is being happy, it is feeling protected, it is knowing that someone cares what is happening to you.

Think about it for a moment, it’s not amazing.

It seems simple but in reality, it is of unfathomable depth and completeness. There are many people alone and it would be great if they understood that a great friend is an inexhaustible source of love and warmth.

And it is better to pay attention to that than to anything else in life because what kind of life do you have but even in the midst of wealth? Making a cult of friendship is the greatest work that a man can undertake and that is what we have done.

Sow, cultivate and let thousands of magical moments bloom.

For a long time, I wanted to tell you all these things but probably a stupid feeling of virility prevents two friends from showing their affection with words.

Either way, we know what each one feels for the other without the words mediating. I count on that hugs, looks of understanding and complicity, gestures and actions have been able to express during our friendship what I am writing to you in this letter.

I send you a big hug and greetings from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you liked my first friendship letter. I promise it won’t be the last.

A hug of the soul.



Friendship Letter – Example No. 2

Dear friend:

More than a friend, you are a brother to me, and I will never have enough words that can explain how grateful I am to have been blessed with your friendship.

Difficult times knew how to squeeze my throat, bury me under the rubble; Every one of the demons that was chasing me knew exactly where to find me.

At one point I found myself trapped and without a way out, or maybe just one way out, the easiest one, that of cowards: I thought I would have to die to escape my problems.

In that same moment you appeared, you and that immense raft called friendship, and you picked me up from the cold sea, I was more dead than alive, and you knew how to give me water and bread and calm my tremors and make the demons go away.

I clung to you like a desperate man, without delicacies; I was like crazy and just wanted to save me. Only time later I could thank you and give you back for the incredible show of nobility and friendship you had with me.

The truth is that I don’t know what I would have done without you, without your advice and without your support. Life seemed very difficult to bear it only but with your help and your love I have managed to get ahead and laugh again and enjoy things.

Your friendship, my friend, was a great lesson that I learned suddenly, but it was the deepest and most wonderful knowledge that has ever entered my life.

Helping the one who is fallen is a noble and pure feeling in this world of indifference and horror, and that was exactly what you did with me, you raised me, and you not only raised me but also taught me to walk again.

Even saying all this, I didn’t even manage to express half of what I feel for you, my friend, but I rehearse these words in the absence of any other way to prove it. I had never written a letter to a friend but to tell the truth, I had never met a friend like you. I hope the letter achieves its mission.

Eternally grateful,


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