44 Finance Topics for Research

In this blog post we will share several examples of titles and topic ideas for research projects in both a qualitative and quantitative approach to finance thesis at all academic levels.

Examples of Research Topics for Finance Thesis:

  1. Corporate governance: Effects on the performance of the shares, value of the company and performance: Evidence of the companies listed in the industrial industry in the UK stock market.
  2. Impact of the variation of the exchange rate of the company’s value in the Chinese market A-Actions.
  3. The effect of the interest rate on the prices of Islamic and conventional bonds.
  4. A comparative analysis of the performance of Islamic and conventional banks in the CCG Country (2002-2009).
  5. Carefully chosen proportions can help predict bankruptcy – A study that involved close to bankrupt and bankrupt firms.
  6. A review in the strategic role of the Department of Finance.
  7. A theoretical and empirical analysis of the use of patrimonial evaluation models.
  8. Representing development standards and adjustment accounting in the EU and developing countries; Finance thesis .
  9. An evaluation of the determinants of the dividend policy of banks in the United Kingdom.
  10. An exploratory study: Internet banking in the United Kingdom.
  11. Analyze the regulatory issues, history, the state and contemporary developments in the regulation of an important financial market and include significant sections critically evaluate the purpose, methodology, current systems and possible alternatives for the regulation of the market under study.
  12. Are active capital funds institutional investors really closet index crawlers?
  13. Reduce the critical gap: global finance, financialization and contemporary capitalism.
  14. Case study: three Italian fashion companies; The TOD Group, Mariella Burani Fashion Group, Giorgio Armani.
  15. China’s role in boosting maritime transport and naval financing markets.
  16. Taking into account the different types of models such as the moving average, random walk, exponential smoothing, weighted moving average exponential, and GARCH including EGARCH as an asymmetric model.
  17. Constructing a report on a pilot study shows the research “instruments and financial institutions”, applying one of the following research methods, critically evaluating both the results and the method used in the report.
  18. Corporate investment Decision Making in Times of Global Financial Crisis: The importance of WACC and the management of working capital.
  19. Dividend payment policies in different countries and industries.
  20. Effects of the liberalization of the stock market: pros and cons. The difference between developed and developing countries.
  21. The experiences of foreign banks to China’s commercial banks in financial services.
  22. Financing rural energy projects in China; What are the lessons for Nigeria?
  23. How does the use of inside information affect the UK stock market?
  24. How FDI in China has changed China’s economic growth.
  25. What would a holding company that acquires less than 50% of participation in several companies that operate in different lines of business, optimize its cost of capital?
  26. In the area of ​​mergers and acquisitions, corporate social responsibility or Internet banking, either something interesting that does not necessarily need a case study.
  27. The integration of Islamic finance with Basel II.
  28. Is there any relationship between the creativity and profitability of the service in a commercial bank?
  29. In Islamic Financials of the United Kingdom.
  30. Problems in public finances: has the private funding initiative contributed to an effective management of the public finances of the United Kingdom?
  31. Preparing employees for the retirement of defined contribution pension plans’ – focusing on the 55 – 68 age group (Irish Pension Law). This is a customer report staff has to focus on enabling the organization to Manage this from a human resources perspective.
  32. Question: What affects the rating of the company, and the impact of the credit rating and the proposed decision of the company, including the price, quantity and guarantee structure? Are there any hidden factors that have an effect on the credit decision?
  33. The selective use of financial ratios in the prediction of imminent corporate bankruptcy.
  34. Social capital and trust: implications for finance. The lessons of the last crisis.
  35. The competition between European exchanges for their non-European inclusion.
  36. The financial impact of credit derivatives in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  37. The impact of the Credit Default Swap in the bond markets of the United Kingdom and the United States.
  38. The impact of microfinance, where has it been successful and why, where has it been successful and why?
  39. The profitability of banks and the variation of the exchange rate.
  40. The relationship between interest rates, inflation and economic growth in China since 2000 and 2010.
  41. The US subprime mortgage market and the current financial crisis: What are the causes?
  42. To test if there is a correlation between the Saudi Arabian stock market and the Dubai stock markets
  43. What are the objectives of cross-border mergers and acquisitions and what do they always have to carry the desired effects?
  44. What is the corporate bailout and has it been effective in the UK and US financial systems?
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