95 Architecture Thesis Topics

Below are several examples of thesis titles and topics for research paper in both a qualitative and quantitative approach to architecture thesis.

Examples of Titles/Topics for Architecture Thesis or Research paper:

  1. Vertical housing as an alternative in L.A
  2. Executive Hotel in Corona, USA
  3. Prototype of Prefabricated and Progressive Housing
  4. Rehabilitation of the (Name) market and its surroundings
  5. Interventions for the public recovery of the coasts
  6. Operative Urban System, (City Name)
  7. Comprehensive center for attention to overweight and obesity
  8. Re-densification of the Historic Center of (City Name)
  9. Center of Shared Spaces
  10. Prototype of an industrialized and eco-efficient housing
  11. OS Sub Station of Firefighters
  12. Urban sites in (City Name)
  13. Creativity Center (University Name)
  14. Redesign of the residual space in the Ecological Peripheral of the Municipality of (City Name)
  15. Comprehensive Hospital for (City Name)
  16. Recreation areas to promote safety and identity (City Name)
  17. Project of housing for the most needy peasant families of the town of (Name)(City Name)
  18. Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation against Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  19. Urban-architectural rehabilitation of the alleys of the historic center of the port of (Name)
  20. Living urban spaces
  21. General Hospital with 30 beds in (Town Name) (State Name)
  22. Shopping and office center in (City Name)
  23. Recreation Center for the Elderly
  24. Housing program for (Town Name)
  25. Architectural Design Manual for Delegations of the Red Cross in the state of (Name)
  26. Central of agricultural and handicraft products in (Name)
  27. Rehabilitation of 3rd Street East of the Historical Center of (Name): Strategies to generate consumption landscapes
  28. Decisions for the user (experimental housing)
  29. Recording Studio with Concert Hall Attached
  30. Conceptual urban design strategies in the face of a crisis of energy resources in the Federal District
  31. The Housing Model of the 21st Century
  32. Rethinking the Municipal Market, (Town Name)
  33. New Multipurpose Stadium for the (Football Club Name)
  34. Center of recreation and cultural diffusion for (City Name)
  35. Residential complex for the adult in fullness in (City Name)
  36. (Restaurant Name): Sustainable Mountain Spa
  37. Landscape rehabilitation project for (Name)
  38. Boutique Hotel in (Name)
  39. STREETMUSEUM: A virtual proposal of interactive landscape for (Name
  40. The role of architectural space in border context
  41. Hydraulic infrastructure system for the improvement of a rural community, (Town Name)
  42. Public High School (Town Name)
  43. International Business Center, (City Name) (Country Name)
  44. Development of an Urban Hotel & Spa in (State Name) (Country Name)
  45. Outdoor theater in (Town Name)
  46. Collaborative design center for designers and artisans
  47. Villas for senior executives in the city of (Name)
  48. New spaces for recreation and lodging in (Name)
  49. Proposal of an urban connector between the municipality of (Name) and the city of (Name)
  50. Construction of 15 (fifteen) apartments in condominium property regime located in (Street Name)
  51. Interactive Children’s Playground
  52. Applications of sustainable architecture in vertical housing
  53. Real estate development of housing type in (Name)
  54. Center for artistic production and residency, (City Name)
  55. Theater for the city of (Name)
  56. Transshipment station of urban and suburban transport of the south west area of ​​(Name)
  57. Art Park
  58. Rehabilitation of buildings of the 20th century for social assistance
  59. Assistance Center for pregnant teenagers
  60. Architecture, crisis and its consequences: Socio-cultural Integrating Center in (Name)
  61. Park-Hostel for migrants
  62. The Concept of Fractionation as Housing
  63. Universal Accessibility Homes
  64. Backyard Housing
  65. Boutique Hotel, ( Town Name)
  66. (Restaurant Name); a proposal of lodging in the Historical Center of the city of (Name)
  67. Migrant Center in (Name)
  68. The Ownable City: Urban Strategies That Promote Identity
  69. Hotel Boutique (Name)
  70. Center for Sports Development and High Performance
  71. Library and multipurpose plaza project in the port of (Name)
  72. Proposal for re-use: Former Psychiatric Hospital (Name)
  73. Architectural Recycling (Name)
  74. Rehabilitation proposal in the master plan of the (Park Name), architectural proposal of gastronomic, commercial and cultural space.
  75. Retreat House for the Elderly
  76. Creation of urban sites for the City of (Name)
  77. Urban Project for the City of (Name)
  78. Improvement of rural housing in the (Name)
  79. New type of territorial consolidation for the community of (Name)
  80. Coffee Museum in (Town Name) (City Name)
  81. Rural housing for peasants, (City Name) (State Name)
  82. Center for Textile Design and Fashion
  83. Cultural Center for the reactivation of the (Name)
  84. Remodeling and rehabilitation of the (Market Name)
  85. Sports Center Promoting Mountain Biking for (Name)
  86. Community Development Center, (Town Name)
  87. Urban analysis of the impact of consumer culture on the image and urban structure of (Town Name) (State Name)
  88. Animal Adoption Center
  89. Public and recreational spaces for the benefit of the socio-cultural development of (Town Name) (City Name)
  90. Residential Countryside Division in (City Name)
  91. Design of a sustainable vertical residential complex in (City Name) (Country Name)
  92. Artistic Center of the University of the (Name)
  93. Space for the Performing Arts – (City Name)
  94. Housing model for illegal settlements in the (Name)
  95. Possible housing in (Name)
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