How to Write Proposal Letter to Offer Services

Some tips to write a proposal letter to offer services.

To be effective, a letter to offer services must go directly to what the potential client needs.

In addition to a powerful and attractive header, your service offer letter must have a clear and immediate benefit to the recipient.

You should make generous use of the words “you” and “your”, so that it is clear that the client’s needs come first, and not his desire to sell him something.

Below we present an interesting real example of a letter to offer services, which had more than satisfactory results for those who sent it.

How to write a letter to offer business services?

Forget about promising a tangible reward or reward for the client’s time and attention.

Forget about the beautiful beginnings. Start simply by explaining QAPI ( Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement)

Email can be extremely effective, but traditional mail remains the best way to reach a specific audience.

Before writing a letter to offer services, of course, you must do your homework and acquire and analyze customer lists segmented by their characteristics.

The letters to offer services are a personalized form of direct marketing.

Brochures tend to be impersonal and can be discarded as junk mail by most people.

But, on the contrary, the letters to offer services are addressed to the address and with the name of the potential client.

The idea is to offer services that speak directly to customer problems and their challenges, whether they are business-to-customers or business-to-business.

To send the best letter to offer services, we suggest you take into account the example that you can see below.


Sample letter to offer services

Here is an interesting example of a letter to offer the services of a professional, written with the intention of awakening in the target company the interest in hiring it:

City Name, March 2, 2015

Recipient Name
Position Company
City, State, Country
Zip Code

Dear [Recipient Name]:

I communicate with you for the purpose of presenting you my advisory services for investors interested in the ___________ sector, especially in the city of _____ and more than anything in the _______ area, a market that continues to grow and attracts many senior entrepreneurs purchasing power, which a little later become excellent customers.

As you know, for investments to provide high returns in the short, medium and long term, the strategic collaboration of various actors is essential. I precisely take care of creating and directing all the necessary service infrastructure to develop __________ operations from start to finish, providing knowledge, high-level contacts and extensive experience in the sector.

I offer you:

– Create a team with professional experts (composed of freelancers and companies) to develop investment in any area of ​​Spain.
– Search for investment opportunities.
– Manage your investment.
– Locate and acquire the best commercial stores available in the market.
– Negotiate municipal projects and licenses.
– Manage budgets with companies.
– Track the business.
– Take care of the marketing and sale of promotions.

My goal is to allow you to make your investment autonomously, without the need to place money in another company, but in your own, either creating a company or buying an existing one, which can operate as a promoter throughout the national territory.

It is important to note that you can make your investment anywhere in the country, but especially in the city of ______. It is precisely in this city where I have good contacts, since it is my place of residence and I know perfectly its geography, its people and its potential investor.

You should know that one of my main characteristics is the flexibility to carry out your business contemplating all your needs and requirements.

Attached you will find a detailed proposal of the business, which will allow you to appreciate the advantages and convenience that this country currently presents to start your business.

If you are interested in receiving more information about services that I can offer you, do not hesitate to communicate and we will gladly coordinate a personal or telephone interview.


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